Auction Sales
Budget Estimates
Environmental Remediation
Equipment Salvage and Relocation
Facility Decommissioning and Closure
Hazard Evaluation
Landscape Restoration
Public Relations
Raw Materials Processing and Recycling
Scrap Iron and Metals Removal and Salvage
Site Assessment and Characterization
Structural Demolition

Abandoned Mines
Closed Airports
Consolidation of Operation
Deserted Military Bases
Factory Relocations
Outdated Facilities
Plant Shutdowns
Reusable Equipment
Superfund Cleanups

Ford City, Pennsylvania: Once the largest glass plant in the world, this ”cradle of the American glass industry” underwent total recycling, from active plant to grass field.

PPG, Cumberland; Cumberland, Maryland: Total plant closure of this twin flat glass plant involved demolition using modern technology combined with renovation of general offices for the City of Cumberland.

PPG Plant; Crystal City, Missouri: Aerial view of what was once the largest specialty glass plant in the country, prior to concrete removal and dirt cover.

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