1947 GMC scrap truck

1954 Arnold Spirtas, age 21, inherits one 1947 GMC scrap truck and a loyal employee from father, Joe Spirtas.

Plaza Demolition Project

1955-70 Spirtas embarks on a new era. The company's foundation is set, establishing Spirtas's direction and growth over the next 15 years. Spirtas lands a contract handling all scrap operations for the Plaza Demolition Project, the first large land clearance job in St. Louis. The company continues to excel in its industry by specializing in the demolition of large boilers, power plants and brick manufacturing facilities in the midwest.

I am a wrecking man and a wrecking man knows that this old plant has sliced its last Mayrose

1971 Mayrose Meat Processing Plant for Union Pacific Railroad; St. Louis, Missouri. This project marked the first of humorous signs, now a trademark of Spirtas Wrecking, that advertise the serious work Spirtas performs.

Veteran’s Administration, Lutheran and Chamber of Commerce buildings

1974 Veteran’s Administration, Lutheran and Chamber of Commerce buildings; St. Louis, Missouri. This demolition of 1/2 square blocks of 18-story, 12-story and 7-story buildings in the heart of downtown began Spirtas’s specialization in commercial highrise demolition.

American Cyanamid Chemical

1975 American Cyanamid Chemical; Hannibal, Missouri. Responding to an explosion, Spirtas worked continuously to stabilize units and prepare plant for an intense investigation. Early project completion saved owner $350,000 in equipment rental.

Oscar Mayer, Madison Wisconsin

1980 Oscar Mayer, Madison Wisconsin. A 300,000 sf packing plant and office complex demolition.

Gateway Mall; St. Louis, Missouri

1985 Gateway Mall; St. Louis, Missouri. Spirtas comes full circle, utilizing all demolition procedures to complete this highrise implosion of the 13-story Buder Building and 18-story International Building in the heart of downtown.

PPG Glass Plant; Crystal City, Missouri

1990 PPG Glass Plant; Crystal City, Missouri. The complete plant closure of this 1.5 million sf complex included structural demolition, environmental remediation and landscape restoration.

Schnuck's Ladue Crossing; St. Louis, Missouri

1993 Schnuck's Ladue Crossing; St. Louis, Missouri. Demolition of the 400,000 sf Bristol Myers Factory on a fast track 30-day schedule included salvage and gut-out of 60,000 sf of old structure for retail shop development

Anheuser-Busch 1994 Golden Eagle "Proud to be Safe" award

1994 Spirtas Wrecking was one of three recipients honored with the Anheuser-Busch 1994 Golden Eagle "Proud to be Safe" award, in recognition of 20,000 injury-free hours in a high-risk environment.

Silk Exchange; St. Louis, Missouri

1995 Silk Exchange; St. Louis, Missouri. Fire emergency response, 9-story demolition of 72,000 sf with enviromental impacts, completed in 5 days.

Old Laclede Town; St. Louis, Missouri

1996 Old Laclede Town; St. Louis, Missouri. Complete component recycling of 128 apartment buildings resulting in reprocessed resources for new construction reuse.

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